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Why Use An Independant Mortgage Broker?

Independent Brokers - Whats the Point?

We will save you time and money!

Provided a mortgage adviser is independent and offers mortgages from the whole mortgage market you are bound to save. Yes, there are one or two lenders that offer mortgages directly to the public but the vast majority cannot use those lenders because they do not fit their criteria or are not existing borrowers. Plus most banks will not offer advice especially over the phone via a call centre. A mortgage broker has expert knowledge of the market and will often know straight away which lenders will accept you for a mortgage.
A self employed mortgage borrower or a client with bad credit history really needs impartial mortgage advice but a first time buyer or buy to let landlord will also benefit from experience built up from years of dealing with lenders and their individual criteria. No longer can you walk into your local bank branch to be greeted by the friendly bank manager who will take into account your years of loyalty with him. If the computer says no it won't matter how many years you have banked with them.

Is it important that you save money?

Do you need a mortgage in a hurry?

Are you confused and fed up with the jargon?

Are you self employed or have a complicated situation?

Are you busy and need someone else to take care of the frustrating searching and endless paperwork for you?

Is the property you are buying unusual construction?
All these areas are where a mortgage broker really comes into their own. We provide a valued service. You only have to read our testimonials from our happy clients to see what we can do.
Our brokers have access to a wide range of exclusive products from the whole mortgage market. Speak to an independent mortgage adviser today to Save You Time and Money. That's the point!
Disclaimer – This does not constitute financial advice. Please speak to a professional adviser for information specific to your needs and circumstances.
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