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Secured Homeowner Loan

If you’re thinking of remortgaging but struggling to find a lender willing to help, a secured homeowner loan might be a better choice.

A secured homeowner loan uses the equity in your home as a way to reassure lenders. These loans are a great way to free up some extra money if you’re struggling with bills or your mortgage. However, they can also carry some significant risks if you’re not careful when choosing the right lender.

Our mortgage advisors will work closely with you to identify the best secured homeowner loan, based on your current circumstances. We’ll look at everything — from your current credit rating to your income, outgoings and much more to help you find the best option to choose.

We can also find rates that can’t be found on the average market, as we work with exclusive lenders.

Sign up for your free, no-obligation consultation and we’ll get started on finding the best homeowner loan for you.

How Our Mortgage Advisors Can Help You With Your Secured Loan?

We look at the entire market to offer you the best loans available.

We’ll work closely with you throughout the entire process, so you know everything you need to know.

We have access to exclusive rates from some lenders.

We can help you secure loans, even if your credit rating is poor.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to look at your current circumstances.

We’re directly Authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Is a Secured Homeowner Loan a Good Choice?

A secured homeowner loan can end up saving you more money than a remortgage in the long run. With all financial matters, it’s always extremely important to conduct some research to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money.

Whereas remortgaging a home can usually free up a significant amount of equity if you’re looking for some extra cash, many lenders will refuse to offer these if your credit rating is poor or you have an interest-only mortgage. If that’s the case, a secured homeowner loan might be a better option, as it can still free up a similar amount of money, but with less risk to the lender.

Secured homeowner loans are useful if:

You need to consolidate debts.

You need some flexible money to prevent bankruptcy.

You’re struggling to remortgage your home as a self-employed business.

You need access to capital quickly for virtually any purpose including business.

Your current mortgage is Interest Only and you don’t want to switch to repayment.

You’re getting a good rate on your mortgage but don’t want to remortgage.

You want to put money into your property, adding extensions or improvements to increase its value.


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