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Remortgaging Your Home

Thinking about remortgaging your home? Rite Mortgages will help you pick the best choice available.

When switching from one mortgage to another, you need to know exactly what you’re benefitting from. With so many options on the market, there’s plenty of opportunities to switch. This also means extra risks, however, and a poor remortgaging decision can end up costing you money in the long run.

Our specialist remortgaging advisors are experts in remortgaging your home. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners switch to more beneficial mortgages and can help you save money, time and stress. We’ll talk you through the options available to you, point out potential risks and any opportunities to take advantage of, and help you decide whether remortgaging your home is the right choice.

Remortgaging your home? Here’s how we can help.

Work with remortgaging experts with years of experience in helping homeowners.

Exclusive access to mortgage rates you can’t find elsewhere.

We negotiate with lenders, write up documents, and sort the complex parts.

Free, no-obligation reviews of your current situation

We’re directly Authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Is It Worth Remortgaging My Home?

Remortgaging your home can come with plenty of benefits, like saving you money from a variable mortgage rate that’s consistently increasing, or releasing extra money from your home as the market value goes up.

You can end up paying a lot less in outgoings each month with a better, fixed-price mortgage, as well as saving a significant sum of money in the long term. Remortgaging can help you release some equity on your home, freeing up money to consolidate debts, or put back into the house to raise its value even further.

Remortgaging your home isn’t an easy decision and you’ll need to ensure you’re getting a worthwhile benefit before going ahead. Although many lenders will offer good deals, there are also a lot of costly fees involved with the process, known as “switch costs”.

If these costs outweigh the benefits of the remortgage, it’s best to stick with your current deal.

If you’re not sure how to approach this, get in touch with us. We’ll put together all the information you need to know — explaining the process from start to finish, the costs involved, and whether or not we think it’s worthwhile.


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