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Mortgage Calculator

How does the calculator work?

Our mortgage calculator helps you figure out what mortgage rates you can afford, as well as giving you an in-depth report on everything else you need to know.

Enter your pre-tax income (plus that of your partner, if applicable), your mortgage term in years, the price of the property and what sort of deposit you can afford. Our calculator will work out everything else. You’ll then get a report of everything you need to know about your desired mortgage, including:

A full breakdown of the price over the mortgage term.

An estimate of disposable income after payment.

How much stamp duty and other fees you’ll need to pay.

Easily laid out information in graph form.

Please be aware that this calculator is based on the best information we could find. Although it’s as accurate as possible and constantly updated, we’d still recommend contacting Rite Mortgages for extra advice.


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