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Building and Contents Insurance

Building and contents insurance is a must if you own a property. Many mortgage lenders require it if you’re planning on buying a home.

Buildings and contents insurance helps you keep your property safe from accidental or criminal damage. Most homeowners will have a basic form of this insurance and many mortgage providers will want proof of this before lending.

Although not particularly costly for regular sized houses, if you have a portfolio of property, a large home, or own property in an area that’s at risk of flooding, it can be expensive to take out the cover you need. The main high street insurance providers will also rarely offer the best rates.

Our insurance advisors can help you find the right deal for you. We’ll look at your property, the rates on offer from the entire market, and find you the cover you need for the best price possible.

How Can Insurance Advisors from Rite Mortgages Help You?

We’ve got decades of experience in property and insurance advice.

We’ll review your needs for free with a no-obligation initial consultation.

We check out the entire insurance market to find the cover that best suits your property and budget.

We’ve got access to exclusive deals from insurance providers you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re directly Authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

What Does Building and Contents Insurance Cover?

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance covers every part of the building itself, but not the items inside it. This means everything from the walls, roof and structure of the home, to the fittings and other “static” parts of the property.

Usually, the insurance will cover damage due to fire, gas leaks, water leaks, criminal damage and more as standard, but there will also be additional things to consider, such as falling trees or if you’re on a floodplain.

Mortgage providers require you to have a certain level of buildings insurance before they will consider giving you an offer. This is to protect the investment they are making on your property to help you buy it.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is often included in home insurance deals and covers the items inside your home. This makes it much easier to recover the costs of items that have been damaged or lost due to a fire, a burglary, or other similar circumstances. While it’s not required by mortgage lenders, it’s usually a good idea to get contents insurance if you own expensive items such as jewellery or high-tech equipment. Some contents insurance will also include external, essential factors, such as your car, but this can push the price up dramatically.


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