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Buy To Let Mortgage

If you’re looking to turn your current property into an investment, or if you’re looking to buy a property to rent out, you’ll need a buy to let mortgage.

With property becoming an increasingly valuable asset, many landlords are growing their property portfolios with the sole intention of earning money from the investment. Due to the current housing shortage in the UK, increasing divorce rates and rising prices, the number of renters is going up, making property letting a more reliable source of income.

However, despite the relative safety of home letting, there can be some significant problems that arise from letting your property — from poor mortgage rates, to legal issues from tenants, threatening a worthwhile return on your original investment. It’s also important to remember that buy to let properties are considered a business and can have significant tax implications.

Our mortgage advisors help you fund the property you want in the most tax efficient way, steer clear of any potential risks, and negotiate the entire process of a buy to let mortgage on your behalf.

How Can a Mortgage Advisor Help Me?

We’re experienced professionals who are dedicated to finding you the best mortgages.

We can identify any risks involved with investing in buy to let property.

Our mortgage brokers have access to exclusive rates you won’t find anywhere else.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your circumstances.

We’re directly Authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Should I Invest in a Buy to Let Mortgage?

There are many benefits to having a buy to let mortgage, from extra income each month to a more secure pension. There are a large variety of mortgages to choose from depending on your situation, including fixed rate and variable rate mortgages.

Our mortgage advisors can help you with a number of different areas of buy to let, including:

How to choose the property that will be rented out.

How to raise enough money.

How to get the most from your investment after taxes and other costs incurred.

How to use gearing to grow your buy to let portfolio.

Which buy to let lender will give you the best deal.


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