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Buy To Let

Finding The Best Deals On Buy To Let Mortgages

Our buy to let mortgage brokers can help you find the right property for your requirements.

With the UK’s rental market increasing year on year, buy to let properties are becoming a popular option for those looking to invest in property. Both current landlords and those looking to rent out their homes stand to benefit from a buy to let mortgage. Rite Mortgages can find the best mortgage deals, search the non-high street offers and help you get more for the money you’re paying.

Looking for advice with your buy to let mortgage? Here’s how Rite Mortgages can help.

Bridging Loan

If the property you’re looking to buy is under a strict time limit and you haven’t managed to raise the funds, a bridging loan is a sound option. These loans give you the ability to purchase a property straight away at a higher interest rate. We’ll help you decide if you need a bridging loan and find you the right deal on yours.

Buy to Let

Our buy to let mortgage brokers browse the entire market to find a rate that boosts the profit you make from renting out your home. We’re also aware of the risks that can pop up when going into business as a landlord, so we’ll advise you at each step of the way.

Buy to Let Remortgages

Looking for a more beneficial mortgage on your Buy to Let property? We can help. Our experience and exclusive access to offers you can’t find on the high street means we can save you money by helping you switch to a better mortgage deal.

Commercial Mortgages

Purchasing property that isn’t used as your home requires a commercial mortgage. These can be far more complex than regular mortgages, as lenders are more hesitant to give money out to businesses that they think are risky. Our mortgage brokers can show you how to avoid these issues whenever they pop up and help you purchase the property you need.

Expat Buy to Let

If you’re looking to purchase property in the UK but live internationally, you’ll need to get a specialist expat buy to let mortgage. These deals can be risky, especially if it’s the first time you’ve invested in a property. We’ll show you how to do it safely and find you a mortgage deal that’s more profitable.

Let to Buy

Looking to move home but don’t want to sell your existing one? We can help you switch to a let to buy mortgage, allowing you to rent out your current home but still allowing you to move into your new one.

Property Development Finance

If you’re trying to improve the value of your property but need some extra financial help, a property development finance loan is often the best solution. We’ll help you accurately judge the amount you need to complete the work and find you a great deal.

Self-Build Property

Self-build properties are becoming increasingly popular due to numerous government schemes and the low long-term cost. To finance these, we can help you find lenders who specialise in these particular builds, help you spot any potential risks, and instruct you on how to manage the costs as the property is built.


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