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Our experienced mortgage advisers work for you to help source the mortgage you need. Whether you are buying for the first time, debt consolidating or managing a buy to let portfolio, our full advice service will put you in the best position to get the rite mortgage. We have access to exclusive mortgages you wont find on the high street and our customer service speaks for itself.
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1. A mortgage broker will save you time

The process of applying for a mortgage can be quite complicated, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. A mortgage broker is an expert in their field and can help you navigate some of the pitfalls while checking your unique situation with every lender to get the answer you need.

2. We understand lender criteria

Dealing with different lenders on a day to day basis we understand which lenders are more likely to accept applicants like you and what information they need to see in order to improve your chances of your application being accepted.

3. A mortgage broker will save you money

Our brokers are independent and have access to mortgages from across the whole market and recommend the most appropriate for you. That could mean big savings on fees or monthly payments over teh lifetime of your mortgage.

4. We put you in control

We work for you! Not the estate agent. Not the bank. As trained professionals we understand the mortgage market and how it works. We will explain every step of the process to you and help you feel in control of what is happening.

5. We deal with the stress so you don't have to

Things can go wrong but we understand the mortgage market and how it works. We will explain every step of the process to you and help you feel in control of what is happening and can help push the process along to make everything go much smoother and stress free. We will liaise between you and the lender, the lender and the estate agent and the solicitor and the estate agent.
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How can I improve my chances of getting a mortgage?

While there’s no reason to be pessimistic about your chances of mortgage approval, you should also know that mortgage refusals can temporarily affect your credit score and therefore make your next application slightly more difficult.

You’ll give yourself the best chance possible of first-time approval if you do the following things:

Being self-employed makes it even more important to show that you’re good at managing your money, so you need to be aware of anything in your history that indicates otherwise.

Make sure that you’re on the electoral roll, as mortgage providers will use this to check your identity. You’re likely to be rejected if you’re not registered.

Make sure all your accounts are up to date, with no overdue bills or repayments. Your credit card doesn’t need to be fully paid off but check that you’re not close to your credit limit.

There are certain types of credit, including payday loans, that look bad to mortgage providers. If a recent payday loan will show up in your credit check, you might choose to wait for a while before making your mortgage application.

Generally speaking, mortgage providers prefer borrowers with larger deposits. Waiting until you have substantial savings will help your application. If family members are contributing to your deposit, make sure the money is ready to go before you apply.

What documentation do I need for my mortgage application?

You’ll need to supply documentation as part of your mortgage application (e.g. proof of identity and address), as well as some additional documents. Exactly what you’ll need to supply depends on your mortgage provider and your self-employment status, but you might be asked for any of the following:

If your employed, full time, part time or even pay yourself a salary through your limited company, or are employed through an agency or umbrella company, you’ll be asked for these as evidence.

These form part of a self assessment provided by HM Revenue & Customs and show your earnings in previous years based on your income tax self-assessment.

Directors, shareholders or Sole Traders will usually be asked to show their company accounts to prove Nte Profits for the last two or three years.

Contractors may be asked to show documents proving your ongoing working relationship with clients, terms and the agreed rates of pay.

You will be asked to provide evidence of the source of your deposit. Whether it's savings, a gift from family or euity in a property to be sold the lender will nee dto see proof.

If you have a separate business bank account, be prepared to show historic statements for this, as well as your personal account.

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We get great reviews because our customer service is fantastic
& we will help you get the home of your dreams

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Self Employed? Get expert mortgage advice

Obtaining a mortgage if you are self employed, a contractor or a freelancer is often less straightforward than for those people in full-time employment. So it pays to seek advice from a mortgage broker with expertise in self-employed borrowing.

Affordability is generally based on the last 2 years trading profits and banks want to see those numbers are still relevant. It is important that you can evidence that levels of business are back to pre-COVID-19 levels. Freelancers might also need to give more information about the nature of their business. Make sure your tax payments are up to date and your tax returns are submitted on time. Getting organised is an important way to prepare for mortgage applications.

This is when an experienced mortgage adviser is worth their weight in gold. Every bank has different criteria, affordability and underwriting. So, finding the right one for you is important. Remmeber if the lowest rate being advertised isn't available to you because you don't fit the criteria, then it's not the best rate available to you.

Lenders like stability. Level or better yet increasing income is preferable. Whatever way we have to prove your self employed income; SA302's, Tax Year Overviews, company accounts, contracts, bank statements, make sure you have at least one years proof of income and the figures look good.

Check your credit report and use the tips above to make sure you are in the best possible shape before starting an application. There are 3 main Credit Reference Agencies in the UK and it is important that you (and your broker) know what data they hold on you and are sharing with banks.

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of our customers
give us 5 Stars

We get great reviews because our customer service is fantastic
& we will help you get the home of your dreams